You are also working on your own jewelry line. Tell me about that.


I would describe my designs as a fusion of minimal tribal and Art Deco. Very geometric with a focus on mixed materials. My current designs feature dark wood with silver and brightly colored resin. Despite the mix of materials, the work has a precious and luxurious feel. I would class my designs as wearable statement pieces. It's important to me that my designs have unisex potential. 

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Who/what is your biggest inspiration in your own jewellery work? 

I find materials hugely inspiring, organic and engineered, old and new, precious and non-precious. I like to feature a bold combination of materials in my work. Recently I have been working with wood, silver and resin. I also find geometry and architecture to be very inspiring. In terms of jewellery, I take a lot of inspiration from tribal forms and textures fused with the simplicity and modernism of Art Deco.

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We know that you are a jewelry designer, what's your design philosophy? What is your creative process like?

My design process is very intuitive. I design for myself and so my designs are the epitome of my aesthetic. I draw a lot of inspiration from materials. My current collection features wood, silver and resin in designs that combine 3D prototyping technology with traditional making techniques. The resulting pieces are classic yet modern. I also look to tribal and Art Deco design. I aim to create effortless statement pieces that give a sense of a well-travelled wearer. 

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